What’s Minnect?

Have a minute to connect?  Let’s Minnect.  

Minnect is an app that allows anyone in the world to ask questions and get answers – instantly – from the people they admire the most.  We believe knowledge & experience is an incredibly valuable resource. But it’s hard to get answers to your question:  finding answers on your own is incredibly time consuming, and it’s hard to know if you can trust the answers you get.  We exist to create a trustworthy source of answers.

Our mission is to make world-class advice affordable and accessible to everyone around the world.  

Where are we today

  • Since launching in December 2023, Minnect has:
  • acquired hundreds of thousands of users, 25% MAUs
  • grown GMV by 6x
  • grown monthly transaction volume by 63x
  •  >95% response rate from 8,000+ experts.

Cold response rates on other platforms:

  • Email: 1%
  • Instagram: 3%
  • X: 3-5%
  • LinkedIn: 8%

The knowledge economy is massive, yet severely underserved.

You might think that connecting knowledge workers with knowledge seekers, and experts and influencers with fans and followers, is a solved problem.  After all, you can slide into the DMs of your favorite celebrity, politician, or influencer on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. And you can even pay to engage with them on Cameo, Patreon, and these days OnlyFans.

But where do you go if you want more than just a silly birthday video? What if you’re looking for personalized content, made just for you… not the same content every follower can already see? What if you’re not keen on paying to see jpegs of toes and other 18+ content?

That’s where we come in.  Minnect allows influencers to connect 1-1 with their audience over text or video calls, and charge per text/by the minute for their expertise.  In doing so, we are democratizing access to expert knowledge and consulting to anyone around the world.

Why is this significant? Because the creator economy is projected to be a $480 billion industry, and management consulting is a $1 trillion global industry.  However, these are both severely underserved markets because those looking for affordable advice from the people they admire and trust have nowhere to turn, and the people with advice but who aren’t, say, Big Four consultants have nowhere to get started.

We are competing head on by empowering anybody with expertise to offer their services as a consultant to anyone around the world who wants answers, advice, or coaching.

  • For users:  the world’s most admired experts and leaders are only 1 DM away.
  • For experts:   Monetize your time by offering 1-1 consultations to your audience.  Why be a fitness influencer when you can be a fitness consultant?  Why be a fashion influencer when you can be a fashion consultant?  Why be a social media influencer when you can be a social media consultant?

We are increasing liquidity in the knowledge marketplace, so the right people can start finding each other.

Where you come in

We’re a technology company solving a B2B problem with a B2C solution:  a consumer grade app that’s slick, sexy, and fits in the palm of your hand.  Our team is a group of entrepreneurs who’ve done over $2 billion in exits in the technology and financial services industries, and bring experiences from companies like Gartner, Amazon, IBM, NFL, Y Combinator, and Etsy.  Our founders host the #1 business podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

We believe our technology is only as good as our team.  As such, we spend the plurality of our time recruiting the best talent.  Our culture is one that values intellectual rigor, speed of execution, conviction (paired with open mindedness), and product excellence.  If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.

If you resonate with everything you just read, but don’t see a role that’s a good fit, we’d still love to hear from you.  Send an email to with your resume and share how you’d like to contribute to our product and mission.

Open Roles