Aaron Singerman

Aaron Singerman

CEO & Founder, REDCON1


About Me

CEO & Founder of REDCON1 – Fastest Growing Sports Supplement Company in History!

Aaron, a seasoned entrepreneur, has successfully established and grown 10 businesses, some generating as much as 9-figure annual returns, and lifetime revenue exceeding a billion dollars.

His proficiency in developing omnichannel, digitally native vertical brands empowers him to guide businesses from their inception to expansion. With a deep understanding of preparing enterprises for potential growth investments and eventual exits, Aaron is an exceptional resource for navigating these areas.

Are you ready to invest in the highest version of you? With Aaron’s guidance, knowledge, and experience you will become unstoppable.

Where I can help

Nauris Spulgis
August 4, 2023

I truly appreciate the fact how quick he delivered the answer. Aaron really seems to care.

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