Adam Sosnick

Adam Sosnick

Financial Expert & Host @ Valuetainment


About Me

Adam “SOS” Sosnick. Host at Valuetainment. Financial & Networking expert. I help you improve your finances, relationships & overall improve your life. Wherever you’re at in life, I have been there. In my 20s I went from being a broke jack of all trades, nightlife promoter in Miami to becoming a financial expert and millionaire by 35. If I can figure it out, so can YOU. Now my mission is helping men level up and reach your fullest potential. I look forward to MINNECTING with you!


Where I can help

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Michael Rivera
August 19, 2023

Adam is always bringing the best energy. When you do your calls make sure you really think about the questions and eliminate anything you can answer with a little bit of homework. He’s always prepared with notes and adds value to your position. Calls and questions are well worth it.

James McDowell
August 5, 2023

Adam gives incredible advice. A truly talented and well rounded individual with unique and practical perspectives, for anyone in any situation. Whether they are young old, poor or rich. He can give the needed perspective you have been missing which will help you achieve what you are hoping to.

Nada Nasserdeen
August 5, 2023

Loved this call 🙏🏽 already signed up for the next. Very engaged and I received tons of value.

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