Patrick Bet-David

Patrick Bet-David

CEO and Founder, Valuetainment


About Me

Born in Iran, Made In 🇺🇸 Entrepreneur since 10 years old 📚 Author of #1 WSJ Best Seller “Your Next Five Moves” 🌳Lifelong Synergist

Where I can help

Quang Nguyen
July 28, 2023

With Patrick’s insight, I gained a fresh perspective that gave me the confidence to make the right move for my business. The advice was relevant, open my eyes to new possibilities and altered my mindset. His wisdom provided a new lens to view my decisions and the growth of my company. I am immensely grateful your every second and minute of your time Pat! See you at the Vault!

Zain Hameed
August 27, 2023

Patrick’s perspective on my question helped guide me with making better business decisions. Further he went to the main core of my question and identified what should be the main objective and made planning ahead clearer for me. Thank you Patrick for the book recommendations! I look forward to speak with you soon

Aaron Mont
July 11, 2023

Pat simply provides what you need, when you really needed and the strategy to get you to the next level

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