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Why Become an Expert

Minnect is a platform that connects you to those who will benefit most from your unique knowledge and experience. Being an expert means helping others while recognizing the value of your time.

The Expert Experience


Connect one-on-one with users who are seeking answers to their questions. Perform a valuable service that allows users to solve their most important challenges. It feels good to help others.


Gain valuable insights about your audience. You will get more clarity around what aspects of your knowledge and experience others value most. Use that feedback to become even more effective at delivering value to others.


Your time is valuable. Minnect enables you to monetize your time. Choose when you work and what your time is worth. Create a new revenue stream while delivering value to others!

How It Works

Create a profile that expresses clearly what value you can offer

Set your availability so you can answer questions at your convenience

Set prices that reflect what your time is worth

Get paid quickly and securely through our integration with Stripe

Get Started

Create an Account

Download Minnect, create an account and head to Settings “Become and Expert”. Follow the expert onboarding process to create an expert account and add your personal information so you can get paid out.

Set Up Your Expert Profile

Tailor your profile to attract users. Link your social media accounts and websites. Set your prices and availability so users can book you.

Start Minnecting

Let others know you are on the platform. Share links to the app and invite others to find you there, or add links to your social media profiles. Start helping others and monetizing your time!

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